The Model Mz Bolt Tension Calibrator Allows You To Verify
- That your fasteners meet minimum bolt tension specifications.
- That your impact wrenches are properly calibrated.
- That your tension-control fasteners shear off at the correct tension.
- That your bolting crew understands how to achieve proper tension in all types of fasteners.
- That you have the right installation tools and equipment.
- And, with the Model MZ you can check power wrench performance daily.
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The Model Hs Bolt Tension Calibrator
- A highly reliable direct-action hydraulic load cell instrument.
- Designed for use with high-strength bolts through 11/2 inch size.
- Direct dial readings to 170,000 pounds of bolt-tension within 2% accuracy show the preload delivered.
- Recommended minimum bolt-tensions are plainly indicated on the gage face.
- The Model HS can be clamped to a convenient column or bench.
Precision Test Bolt Assemblies
- Designed for use with Skidmore-Wilhelm
- Torque-Tension Testers.
- Compare and Verify Tool Output
- Assure Maintained Output to Tightening Standards
- Record Test Results for Periodic Preventive
- Maintenance Wrench Service
New Pelican Case
- All S-W Calibrators come complete in a new Pelican Case.
- Rolling Case.
- Lifetime Guarantee.
- Large Handles.
- No need for Shipping Boxes.
- Watertight.