About Us

Nippon Steel Bolten Co. Ltd was first established in Japan in 1964, and to this day remains a leading manufacturer of high strength structural bolts.

Since its introduction, NSB's Tension Control (T.C) Bolts have been widely used in the steel structures building and construction industry. T.C Bolts surpass conventional high-strength bolts both in quality and tightening performance, and are approved by Japan's Ministry of Construction for meeting Building Construction Standard Laws. NSB's High Strength Hexagon Bolts, Hexagon Nuts and Plain Washers are also approved by the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). The success of NSB products is the result of the combined technologies of Nippon Steel Corporation and Nippon Steel Bolten Co. Ltd.

In August 2004, Nippon Steel Bolten Co Ltd and Nakayama Mitsuboshi Steel Products Ltd merged to form NS Bolten Co Ltd. The merger saw the integration of two of the most respected names in the Japanese steel industry and a realisation of enhanced technical processes and business structures.

NS Bolten is committed to continual research and development in its products, so as to provide the best solutions for its customers. These technical achievements have resulted in the company taking a leading position in the industry as a trusted manufacturer of high strength bolts for building and construction.